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Window Maintenance Checklist

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Your home’s windows should have the strength and durability to last for years to come. However, that doesn’t mean that you should leave them untouched the entire time! In order to protect your window’s functions, we recommend doing some routine maintenance on them. If your windows are properly maintained, they’ll last for a far longer time and be more effective than those that aren’t maintained. The question is, how can you properly check up on your windows? We give you a checklist of what to do below!

Cleaning The Glass

While this process might sound straightforward, there are actually wrong ways to do it. They all revolve around the type of cleaner you use, so it’s important to be mindful of that before you start. The main thing to look for when you’re shopping for window cleaning supplies is to buy a non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner. Abrasive cleaners can damage glass or vinyl surfaces, which make them a bad option. Non-abrasive cleaners don’t have this disadvantage, which is why they’re so highly recommended.

Inspecting the Seal

One of the first signs you’ll notice when your windows are at the age of needing replacement is a slight draft coming through the window. Drafty windows are most often caused by the window’s seal failing, allowing air to escape through it and into your home. You can actually spot signs of a broken seal before drafts become too prominent! Inspect the seal carefully, checking for any gaps or cracks in the foundation. If you find them, using caulk can be an effective short-term solution. You’ll likely need to replace your windows in the near future, however.

Cleaning the Tracks

Have you ever noticed that your window becomes harder to open with the passing of time? It’s likely due to a grime and dirt buildup on the tracks! As you would for cleaning the window panes, use an all-purpose cleaner to gently clean the window tracks. Try to do this often to prevent your windows from becoming hard to open. Depending on what kind of window you have, try to clean every single track from the vertical ones to the horizontal ones. The more often you clean, the more operable your windows will be in the long run.

Replacement Windows With Capital Construction Contracting

When your windows reach the end of their lives, the ideal goal is to find replacements that make your home look better and last for years. At Capital Construction Contracting, our vast selection of window manufacturers are the pinnacle of these traits! Our expert installation services will ensure that your windows perform optimally for years to come. To install the best replacement windows on the market, click here to contact us directly!

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