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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

With the first snowfall accumulating in New England, it’s safe to say, the feeling of fall is just about gone. While we have a few more weeks of technically being in fall, it’s time to get in the mindset of winter. With winter weather comes a lot of extra strain on homes. All the ice and snow and wind during storms means that having a house in working order is that much more important. To make sure that you and your house is ready for window, be sure to follow these winter home maintenance items.

1. Weatherproofing doors and windows: 

The windows and doors in your house are the main drivers for letting cold air in and making your heater work harder. While if this is happening to you, thinking about a replacement might be smart, if you need to wait a little while, at least weatherproof them to limit the problem.


2. Check your Gutters & Drainage:

Make sure that before you do any investigating that your gutters are all cleaned out. Your gutters are extremely important and if they aren’t functioning properly, you could be in a world of hurt. From additional strain on your roof, to landscaping issues and water leaks, make sure that your gutters are working properly.

3. Clean & Store Lawn Equipment:

It may seem simple and obvious but we see people leaving out equipment throughout their yard before winter and it turns into this equipment being ruined and doing damage to your lawn.

4. Inspect Roof:

With your roof being the first line of defense, we often find that winter exposes a vulnerable or weak roof. Making sure you don’t have any missing shingles or anything that seams off could potentially help you notice an issue before a leak starts.

5. Inspect Fireplace & Chimney:

Our team at Capital inspects chimneys and does a wide range of chimney repairs and rebuilds. Before you start making fires, it is important that you grab a flashlight and try to look up into your fireplace flue. Just make sure it’s free of any animals, branches or leaves that could catch fire. You should be able to see daylight at the top of your chimney.

With so much to do as we enter the winter, doing your best can go a long way. For more information on how Capital Construction Contracting can help you, please feel free to reach out at 617-319-1225 or through our online contact form.

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