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Your Roofing Inspection Checklist


Undoubtedly, one of the most expensive elements of your home is your roof. Having the entire roof replaced can cost several thousand dollars at the minimum, which is why preventative maintenance is so important.

One of the best things you can do is conduct your own inspections to look for problems big and small. When you decide that you want to inspect your own roof, you have two options: you can look from the ground with binoculars or a zoom camera, or you can climb up on a ladder. You want to make sure that you can actually see every section of your roof, so pick whichever inspection method allows you to do that.

Regardless of how you do it, you should try to inspect your roof at least once a year, which will allow you to catch issues early before they cause more serious problems.

What to Look for When Inspecting Your Roof

You can’t simply stand on your ladder and stare. Before you get on the ladder or pull out the binoculars, here are some simple problems that you can look for.

Missing, Loose, or Mangled Shingles

The most obvious problem — and the simplest to fix — is missing shingles. Many times you will notice the leak caused by a missing shingle before you have time to inspect the roof.

During your inspection, you should be able to easily spot any missing or distorted shingles, and replacing individual shingles is usually pretty easy and inexpensive. Locating loose shingles requires a more hands-on approach that you should save for a professional roofing company.

Textureless Shingles

When new, shingles will almost look like they have glitter on them. The granules are there to protect shingles from ultraviolet rays from the sun. If you notice that the granules are missing or that the granules are building up in the gutter, you should look to replace those shingles.

Moss or Lichen

Another simple problem that you should be able to spot with a cursory glance is any buildup of moss or lichen. If you notice large quantities of either of these substances building up in one area, that could indicate decay underneath. In most instances, you can purchase and apply a moss killer to solve the problem.

How Can Capital Construction Help with Your Roof?

You may be able to locate and even fix some simple problems by conducting your own roofing inspection, but more underlying issues and complex solutions will require the help of experienced roofing contractors.

That’s where the experts at Capital Construction can help. For all types of roofing inspections, maintenance, and replacement roofing, contact the experienced roofers at Capital Construction. You can give us a call, or you can fill out our online form to get a free estimate!

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