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Worthouse metal roofing

Any New England resident is well versed in how chaotic the weather can be at any given moment. Regardless of what season it is, this weather can be especially detrimental to your roof! Most roofing materials have the chops to get the job done, but they lack the strength and durability needed to survive harsh weather conditions for extended periods of time. If you’re looking for a strong and durable roofing solution, metal roofing has all the qualities you need!

Benefits of Metal Roofing

There aren’t many types of roofing materials out there that bring unique benefits and perks with them, but metal roofing is an outlier. Metal roofing provides your home with a unique set of perks that will not only save you money in the long run, but will save you repair costs as well! Check out some of the main highlights:

  • Metal roofing has a lifetime warranty of 30-50+ years, which is three times as long as other materials
  • Metal roofing is more resistant to extreme weather conditions. It’s also more resistant to eroding, cracking and shrinking, which are problems a lot of other materials have
  • Metal roofing increases your home’s resale value by an average of 6% compared to asphalt
  • Metal roofing is low maintenance, solar friendly and provides superior roof ventilation

Metal roofing can also increase the aesthetics of your home! We can provide metal shingles in four different colors: 

  • Raven Black
  • Canyon Red
  • Pacific Gray
  • Sierra Brown

Why Choose Us?

Capital Construction Contracting has been the premier roofing contractor in Massachusetts for many years. We’ve proven time and time again that we have what it takes to connect New England homeowners with the best possible exterior fortifications for their homes. We understand just how volatile New England’s climate can be, which is why we offer the best options possible from the most trusted brands in the nation to ensure that your home is protected!

We’ll meet with you beforehand to go over the specifics of your home and your metal roofing preferences. We’ll then get right to work on the most precise, efficient and reliable installation that you’ll find. 

Regardless of the specifics of your metal roofing needs, Capital Construction Contracting is the company that will deliver you the best results. To fortify your home against New England’s climate and reap the benefits of metal roofing, click here to contact us directly!

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