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Fir Gutters Install Boston Historical Landmark!

Capital Construction Contracting has an extremely high attention to detail for all of their work and because of this we do alot of Historical work in and around Boston. One of our latest historical jobs was for the Ebenezer Hancock House on 10 Marshal Street, Boston MA. Because it is a National Historical Landmark, it needed all new wood fir gutters. Fir gutters are able to keep the pristine historic look to this building and we were thrilled to help out. Check out some of the photos that we captured during the job below:

Thanks Peggy and all the management team we value your business ! Now, with functioning wood fir gutters, the Ebenenzer Hancock House can continue to function as a National Historical Landmark for years to come.

For more information about Capital Construction Contracting and the range of historical work that we provide please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 617-676-2371 or through our online contact form.

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