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Why Your Home’s Siding Is More Important Than You Think

Your home’s exterior siding serves multiple purposes. Good looks are just one of them. If you are replacing your siding or if your project is new construction, you want to have all the information before making decisions about your siding. Fortunately, Capital Construction has all of the answers to your siding questions.

What Purpose Does Siding Serve?

Your choice of siding and the contractor who installs it genuinely matter. Your home’s looks, energy efficiency, and protection from the elements depend on the siding you choose. It is a choice that you must live with for years to come, so it is important that you use care when choosing the product you want and the contractor who installs it.

Enhancing the Architectural Details of Your Home

As we stated earlier, siding has more functions than just good looks. Though we all know when it comes to our homes, looks matter. The right siding choices elevate the architectural value of your home. Capital Construction’s siding experts can walk you through the right choices for your budget and for your home’s style.

Ensuring that your siding complements your home, its doors and windows, and the shape and style of your roof are all important to consider when choosing new exterior siding for your home. We use quality products that will make you proud of how your house looks now and in the future.

Keeping the Water On the Outside Where it Belongs

One of the functions of siding is to waterproof your home. Moisture causes damage to materials like particle board, and while most homes are wrapped in house wrap or tar paper, water can still make its way in. Siding envelopes your home to protect it from the elements.

Preserving your home is one of the jobs that siding does. Like the roof and windows, it keeps the elements outside where they belong. Choosing a quality product and having it installed by an experienced contractor who will not cut corners helps your siding do its job well.

Siding can Reduce Your Energy Costs.

The right siding can save you money in energy costs. Even if it looks fine, the wrong siding can be like leaving a window open and letting the air conditioning or the heat right out. Capital Construction carries multiple products and can address your energy efficiency concerns.

When your power bill comes, you will thank yourself for choosing a siding product and rigid insulation. The reduced energy costs are one of the most significant benefits of exterior siding.

A Barrier That Keeps Pests Out

Modern siding, without cracks and open spaces, protects your home by keeping the pests like rodents and insects outside where they belong. Because newer exterior siding products are resistant to warping and do not often crack, they can practically insect-proof your home. A beautiful bug-free home is another benefit of installing new siding.

Some products are more effective at keeping pests out than others. Speak to our helpful Capital Construction exterior siding contractors about which sidings are more useful for eliminating pests if that is your goal. Our staff understands the value of using the best materials, and we can offer advice to help you narrow down your choices.

Exterior Siding That is as Durable as it is Attractive

Leaders in the Boston area, Capital Construction Contracting installs the best brands from the country’s more respected manufacturers. Our experience means we feel comfortable taking on complicated exterior siding projects and completing them successfully.

Contact us to help choose which siding product will best complement your home, budget, and style. We are here to deliver the quality product that best meets the goals you have for your home. Listed below are some of the products that we are proud to offer:

  • James Hardie Siding fiber cement siding really delivers. It’s durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. Capital Construction is a James Hardie Preferred Elite Installer and its number one contractor in all of Boston.
  • Alside Vinyl is designed to provide you with siding that requires hardly any maintenance while resisting water damage nearly completely. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, check out Alside Vinyl.
  • Maibec Wood Siding Is the perfect siding choice if you prefer wood. With myriad colors and materials at your fingertips, your home will be beautifully customized with Maibec Wood Siding products.

At Capital Construction, we have taken great care in selecting our products. We are proud to stand behind the quality sidings we offer. If we would not use it on our own home’s exterior, we would not suggest you put it on yours. 

Installation Matters in Boston, MA

You are spending your hard-earned money on the product you want for your home’s exterior siding. But, without the right installer, all that money can be for nothing. Improperly installed siding can allow water to come into your home and cause structural damage. It can allow pests to enter as well. If the siding is not installed properly, the energy-efficient properties go right out the window.

A highly skilled siding contractor is crucial to a job well done. Often, prospective customers have questions about cost and when the construction can begin. While these are essential questions, they are not the only questions. Quality of materials, quality of installation, and an experienced-based company who can offer you both can ensure that you love your siding for years to come.

We strive to ensure that our client’s voices are the ones we listen to as we go through the renovation process. We want to ensure that your home is your dream home.

Let’s Discuss Goals for Your Dream Home Today

Contact us at Capital Construction to discuss your exterior siding needs. We are committed to customizing our customers’ homes to their specifications with the materials, colors, and design elements they are dreaming of. We can guide you through choosing a product to the moment you stand in the front yard and admire the finished product. Happy customers are our goal. Our contractors are ready when you are. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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