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Why Your Boston Home Deserves Trex Decking and Trex Railing

If you are looking to build a deck and rails made out of a durable, stylish, and environmentally friendly product, Trex decking and railing is the solution for you. This product grows in popularity each year among our customers who are buying homes and want incredible outdoor spaces to host friends and family. This is because Trex offers a high-quality look and performance that you cannot get from wood, timber, and other products. Therefore, while you may think that any ordinary product can meet your needs and wants, you and your home deserve the best, Trex.

What is Trex Decking and Railing, and Why is it a Good Choice?

Trex creates products made out of a wood fiber-polymer material that is used to construct decks and railings. These products are extremely low maintenance, offer superior performance, and look appealing in any outdoor space. The best part about using Trex decking and railing is that it is resistant to termites and insect damage and does not rot, twist, or splinter. In addition, Trex products are made from 95 percent recycled materials, meaning they are very environmentally friendly. This will ease your mind, knowing you are not harming the planet when choosing Trex.

Another great benefit of Trex decking and railing is that it is a tough product that never fades or needs refinishing. While mold and mildew are something that you will not have to worry about if you suspect that your deck or rails need any type of cleaning, all that is required is soap and water to make your outdoor area spick and span.

Why Shouldn’t I Choose Ordinary Wood for My Deck and Railing?

Most people looking for sturdy railing and decking choose ordinary wood or timber, but the truth is that Trex products can do a lot more than wood can. By fitting between the deck boards, Trex fasteners can ensure that your deck surface remains smooth and flawless. You can also get creative with a wraparound, curvy, or completely customized deck to fit your needs and wants. Unlike with ordinary wood, the options are truly endless with Trex, making it a fun and innovative product to use.

Can You Use Trex Decking to Build Anything Else?

While the best use for Trex decking is on deck surfaces, some people use this product to construct benches, shelves, planters, and other outdoor pieces. Trex decking is a favorable option for many outdoor needs as it cannot be damaged from sun exposure, spill stains, wind, rain, snow, and more. However, its main purpose is to build you a beautiful deck.

Is Trex Decking and Railing a DIY Project?

Although it is recommended to hire an expert to install Trex decking and railing, you have the option of doing it yourself. If you attempt to do it yourself, it is important to remember that the process can become tricky, complicated, and frustrating, especially if you have never built a deck or used Trex products before. That said, it is best to let a professional contractor from Capital Construction Contracting handle your Trex decking and railing needs for you.

Our team has about 20 years of experience building and customizing decks and rails for people to take full advantage of their outdoor spaces. We have used all decking and railing brands, styles, and materials. Therefore, we have what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently without ever getting in your way. While you focus on your other obligations, errands, and tasks, let our crew build you a charming custom deck you and your family will enjoy all summer!

Is Trex Decking and Railing Expensive?

The price of your Trex decking and railing will depend on the type of customized deck and rails you are looking to build in your outdoor space. Our contractors can meet with you to learn more about your interests and what type of customizations fit your needs. This may include framing, fencing, storage, stairs, etc. We will visit your outdoor area and provide a quote after learning your thoughts.

However, when most people compare the price and benefits of Trex decking and railing with ordinary wood or other products, they quickly realize that Trex competes well. If it seems to be more expensive, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Therefore, while it may cost more initially, it requires very little maintenance or upkeep for many years. The payoff will be great when you have more free time and lower maintenance costs and duties.

In addition, if you ever plan to sell your home in the future, a key factor for your real estate agent to mention is your Trex deck and railing system. The best part about choosing this product is enjoying the outdoors on your Trex deck with your loved ones during the warmer months.

Your Boston Home Deserves Trex Decking and Railing

Whether your home is brand new or something that you have had for years, when you think about adding a deck to your outdoor space, you and your home deserve the best. Trex composite siding is a top-recommended product for its strength, sturdiness, longevity, and low maintenance qualities. Here are a few other top reasons why you should select Trex decking and railing for your Boston home:

It is very easy to clean.
It is strong, durable, sturdy, and ready for lots of foot traffic.
It resists fading, staining, insects, mildew, and mold.
You will never need to paint, stain, or refinish it.
It is available in a variety of different finishes and colors.
It is long-lasting.
You will never need to worry about if it can handle the Boston weather
It does not splinter, warp, or rot.
It is made from recycled materials and products.

At Capital Construction Contracting, we believe our customers deserve the best products available on the market, and we guarantee that Trex decking and railing is a phenomenal choice among homeowners.

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