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Why Are Newer Windows More Energy Efficient?

Many homeowners debate the pros and cons of replacing the windows in their Boston homes. While many choose to do so before listing their home for sale, others do so because the windows in the home are quite old. No matter the reason for your decision, it is important to understand why newer windows are more energy efficient than the ones that were on the market even just 20 years ago. The experienced team at Capital Construction is here to walk you through a window replacement project in Boston.

Multiple Panes Available

The most energy-efficient windows you can purchase for your home in Boston are those that have multiple panes. Multi-pane windows help to keep the heat out of the interior of your home during the summer with the help of curtains. Single-pane windows do not offer much protection from the temperatures. For this reason alone, you should consider having your windows replaced with double or triple-pane windows.

Look For Windows With a Low U-Factor

The u-factor of a window explains how much energy transfer takes place from non-solar places. Windows that have a low u-factor will lose heat at a slower rate in the winter and gain heat slower from exterior places during the summer months. You will also want to look for windows that have a low solar heat gain coefficient. This explains how much heat travels through the window when it is in direct sunlight.

A Low-E Coating on the Glass

Even with multiple panes, it is still possible for heat to sneak through the glass and into your home during the summer. The most energy-efficient windows on the market today will have a Low-E coating on the glass. This coating is applied to the windows to reflect ultraviolet and infrared light away from the home. The coating also helps to prevent heat from escaping your home in the cold Boston winters.

The Quality of the Window Frame

The quality of the window frame makes all the difference when looking for an energy-efficient window in Boston. Window frames come in many options, including the following:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Combination
  • Wood

A frame made of vinyl material will last longer than wood, will not warp, and will not create drafts the longer the windows are in your home. A vinyl frame also provides more insulation than wood. You might want to consider looking for a window that has foam in its frame to add efficiency to your home.

Gas Fills in Your New Windows

Even windows with multiple panes and foam in the frame can have air slip through and either exit or enter the home. Between each pane of glass, there is typically a gas that is installed during the manufacturing process. The gas is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. The gasses used are designed to provide added insulation. The gas used is Argon and it is added in between the panes after air is sucked out. The gas is thicker than air, which provides extra insulation.

Weatherstripping Must be Used to Ensure Efficiency

In order to ensure that your new windows are energy efficient, you will need to use weatherstripping during installation. Capital Construction will help you find new windows that have the right amount of weatherstripping your home needs to protect itself from the elements. The weatherstripping is a plastic material that goes around the edge of the window. The more of it on the window, the tighter a seal there will be when the window is installed.

The Presence of a Warm Edge Spacer

A warm edge spacer should be in every single window you purchase for your Boston home. This spacer is placed between every pane of glass to ensure that the window has proper insulation. The warm edge spacer helps create a seal around the glass where it touches the frame of the window.

Proper Installation Makes All the Difference

Last, but certainly not least, your windows need to be properly installed in order for them to be energy efficient. You can purchase the highest-rated energy-efficient windows, and if they are installed incorrectly, your home will experience drafts in the winter and cool air escaping in the summer.

The team at Capital Construction has decades of experience renovating homes in the Boston area. We take pride in our work and ensure that you are satisfied with the project from start to finish. Whether you need to replace one room of windows or the entire house, you can put your trust in our team.

The Cost of an Energy-Efficient Window

Energy-efficient windows are typically a bit more expensive than regular windows. For the most part, an energy-efficient window will run anywhere from $300-$1,000 per window. The price of the window will vary based on the following:

  • The window size
  • The type of glass used
  • If you add reflective coatings

Despite the high cost of an energy-efficient window, it is estimated that you can expect a high return on investment at 68 percent. It can take anywhere from two to six hours per window to complete a replacement project.

On top of all the benefits of energy-efficient windows, they also help to reduce the noise in your home. This is especially important for homes that are along busy streets in Boston. Having your entire home outfitted with energy-efficient windows can also help to extend the life of your HVAC system as it will not have to run as often or work as hard to heat your home in the winter or cool it in the summer.

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Have you decided it’s time to replace the windows in your Boston home? If so, the trusted team at Capital Construction is here to answer your questions and ensure your window replacement project is a successful one. Call us today in Boston, or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment for an estimate to have your windows replaced.

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