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What Is The Best Season For Deck Projects?

Winter, spring, summer, or fall?

Spring and summer are peak seasons for an exterior project like a new deck. Of course, the weather is nice then, but prices might be higher, and the availability of contractors is definitely lower. So why not plan a project during the off-season? Let Capital Construction walk you through the best time of year to complete a deck project in Boston.
Finding The Right Time to Complete a Project For Your Deck
The leaves might be falling, blanketing the earth with their vibrant colors. A hint of pumpkin spice and a chill might be in the air. All signs tell you to stay inside, throw on a sweater, start a fire, and make a big pot of soup, but this is one of the best times to install a deck.
You don’t need to wait for spring or summer to upgrade your backyard and add that outdoor gathering spot. Fall might be the best time to start laying that new deck, so when spring and summer come around, you will be ready to gather there and enjoy it with family and friends.
Why is Autumn Such a Good Time For Deck Projects?
There are several reasons why the fall months are a suitable time to install a deck. Here are just a few of them:

Fall months are an exterior contractor’s off-season. You may have your choice of vendors because it is the beginning of a deck builder’s downtime. The peak season is spring and summer when contractors are busiest.
Your deck will be ready for the spring – if it is completed in fall or winter, you will be ready to enjoy it on that first day of spring.
Fall weather is somewhat more predictable than the other seasons. Yes, it might be a little chilly, but you will not have the spring showers or thunderstorms that can delay building, and the earlier in the season you start, you will hopefully not have to worry about the New England snow.
The landscape will be at its prime for building. Summer and spring soil and earth are wet. It will be dried out and the perfect base for your project in the fall.
You will save money in the off-season. Contractors will be happy to find new jobs and may offer discounted or off-season prices.

Planning is everything when taking on a big project, like a new deck. It may take weeks to obtain permits and clearance to start building, so your summer start may end up being in the fall anyway. During the off-season, you shouldn’t run into too many delays as this will not be a busy time for zoning offices. The cost factor is a big benefit when planning a fall deck installation. Building materials will be cheaper since those costs spike during peak season.

In most cases, winter is the cheapest time to build a deck, but New England winters tend to be a little harsh for deck installations. Winter projects are not the best option in Boston. However, fall and early winter might provide great opportunities to add your new deck, as long as installation begins before the ground freezes and it starts to snow.

Another benefit to building after the summer is over is that you won’t be worried about damage to your landscaping as it will soon be covered in snow, and you can make it beautiful again when everything thaws out. Additionally, if you want to add plants or shrubs around your deck, having it built in the fall or winter months will provide you with plenty of time to incorporate a decorative garden before the entertaining seasons of spring and summer come around again.
Are There Any Pitfalls to Building a Deck in The Fall or Early Winter?
The weather could be brutal in Boston, so it is best to begin as early in the season as possible. An experienced contractor will help you with the scheduling and advise you on your best options. Some things you will need to consider if your project will start in colder weather:

Delays may occur due to inclement weather like snow or freezing temperatures.
Extreme temperatures and materials do not always mix.

You will need to be comfortable with the chance that your project may be postponed due to an unforeseen snowstorm or early freeze. Also, some materials must be acclimated to the temperature before working with them. This can add a little extra time to your project. Having an experienced contractor to guide you through this process is helpful.

Capital Construction Contractors understand the unique nature of all projects and will customize your deck to meet your expectations. We offer seasonal discounts and will provide you with top-of-the-line installation and materials to meet your outdoor decking needs. We work with a wide variety of materials, including pressure-treated wood and composite decking, and we look forward to helping you plan and build your entertaining outdoor oasis. Some materials we recommend are:

Trex Decking – a polished, low-maintenance decking material that looks like wood but won’t deteriorate even under the extremes of a New England winter or summer. Trex is the world’s top decking brand and is a material that provides true value to homeowners.
IPE Decking – this long-lasting, insect-resistant material will last over 40 years without treatment. Some can even last for 100 years.
Mahogany Wood – if you want the elegant look of rich red mahogany wood that is durable and easy to install, this is the decking for you. Mahogany wood will immediately boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.
Call Capital Construction to Discuss Your Deck Project Today
Capital Construction Contracting is one of New England’s most trusted decking installers. When you are ready to add that new outdoor entertaining space to your home, call Capital Construction, and we will help you design and install a perfect deck at the perfect time for you – winter, spring, summer, or fall. To schedule an appointment for an estimate, call our office, or complete our contact form today.

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