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Slate vs. Shake Roofing

A closeup of a roof with tan colored shake roofing.

Choosing what material you construct your home’s roof with is a big decision. After all, what you choose will define what you need to do for home exterior maintenance for the next few decades! Because this decision is so paramount, it’s important to make sure that you’re as informed as you can be about the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Slate roofing and shake roofing are two popular types of roofing that bring their own unique set of perks and downsides to the table. To determine which type of roofing is best for your home, read up on their qualities below!

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is unique from other types of roofing in terms of its durability. It’s unmatched in this quality by any other roofing material, as it has the ability to last a lifetime – or even longer! Slate roofing is constructed from stone that is ridiculously strong and found in many areas throughout the world. Its superior durability is useful in more ways than one, as it also boasts incredible resistance to the elements. Especially in a climate like New England’s where the weather is extremely volatile, this is a trait that pays dividends in the long run! Slate roofing is also very low maintenance, but you should still check up on it from time to time. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to really bring out your home’s appearance.

The one downside to slate roofing is that it’s very heavy, so you’ll need to make sure that your home can support the weight before you install it. You shouldn’t try walking on slate tiles on your own, either. While they’re unparalleled in durability, they can be fragile if too much weight (like a fully grown person) is applied to it.

Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing is a completely different material from slate roofing. Instead of being made from stone, shake roofing is made from wood. While that might sound like a disadvantage for some homeowners at first, don’t take this type of wood lightly. Cedar is one of the world’s strongest and most durable types of wood out there! Cedar shakes are also a fantastic choice for New England homeowners, as they boast a similar level of resistance to the elements that slate roofing does. Shake roofing is also a natural insulator, meaning that you’ll have an easier time keeping your home cool or warm depending on what season it is.

The big disadvantage of shake roofing is that it’s generally more expensive than other wood roofing materials. If you’re willing to fork over the extra cash, however, shake roofing can be worth your while!

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