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Increasing Energy Efficiency with New Siding Installation

Reducing your energy costs should be a priority. As the cost of heating and cooling a home rises, many homeowners are looking for as many unique and innovative ways to reduce costs. One way to do that is with new siding. Siding, which works to wrap your home in protection and keep cooled and heated air in, is one of the best options available for lower energy bills. Increasing energy efficiency with new siding installation from Capital Construction is an option, but before you do so, there are a few things you learn.

How Can Siding Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?
Siding, along with insulation, help to prevent air from moving out of your home. Often, over time small adjustments in the existing siding and a breakdown of insulation can lead to drafts and overall air loss. With new siding, you can shore up these concerns, creating a new layer of protection between the outside environment and the inside of your home.

When you add new siding to your home, you may see a significant amount of improvement in your home’s energy efficiency. This may include:

Reducing air leaks that cause drafts and areas of cold or hot air in your home
Reduce your heating bill in the winter months
Reduce your air conditioning costs in the summer months
Improve the overall comfort level in your home
Improve overall consistency of temperature throughout the property
Extend the life of your home’s heating and cooling system
Improve overall HVAC efficiency by reducing the amount of dust and dirt coming into the home

The amount of energy improvement depends on various factors, including the type of siding you select and if you have insulation added under the siding to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

What Type of Siding Can Offer the Best Energy Efficiency Improvement?
There are a range of options on the market. It is worth considering your home’s needs, current energy bills, and your budget to determine which products may be best suited for your needs.

For example, one of the best products on the market is James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. This type of material provides a very high level of efficiency because it is made from a blend of wood fibers, sand, and cement, creating a very durable and had-to-penetrate level of protection. It is thicker than other products and can handle more intense weather conditions with ease.

Beyond this, other types of siding can also be an improvement over the existing siding you have. To determine which one to select, consider the R-value of the product, especially if it includes any insulation in it. Anything that is an R-3 or R-4 is going to be a good option for most homes. The key here is to find a balance between the products available with a high energy rating and the budget you have for the project.

How to Know It Is Time for New Siding
Adding new siding to your home can provide a wide range of benefits. It can reduce your energy costs, improve your home’s value, and make your property more comfortable to live in. But is now the right time to update your siding? That is very much dependent on the current conditions present. Some signs that now may be the right time to update your siding include:

Constant maintenance needs: if your siding is not remaining in place or you find there are holes to patch in or under it often, it may be time to consider new siding. You do not need to continue to invest in repairs but instead may benefit from new siding.

The age of the siding: The older siding is, the more likely it will need to be replaced due to extensive wear and tear. Siding simply wears down as it gets older, providing less insulative benefit to your home as it does.

There are cold pockets in your home: If there are areas of your home that seem to be significantly colder than others, that could be due to air leaks from the insulation.

Increase in your energy bills: Though there are multiple reasons this can happen, one of the most common is air leaks from the siding. If your energy bills continue to rise because you are using more energy to heat or cool your home, the insulative siding could help.

Moisture damage is present: It is also a good idea to replace the siding if you find there is moisture damage that has led to mold growth. If this is extensive, it is likely impacting your home’s overall health and structural stability. Pest damage is also something to consider carefully.

If you are unsure if new siding would help you, set up a consultation with a reliable, trusted siding installation company to take a look at what is present.

Why Choose Capital Construction?
When the time comes to consider new siding in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire, put Capital Construction to work for you. We offer some of the best benefits:

Top-rated and highly efficient siding materials are available to you
No interest and no payments for one year for qualified borrowers
Affordable pricing on some of today’s top name-brand siding products, including James Hardie, Alside Vinyl, and Maibec Wood
Trusted, professional installation you can depend on to be as protective of your home as possible
Dozens of product choices in various colors, materials, and textures, giving you everything you desire

Siding can help to give you a like-new look to your home while also providing you with lower energy bills. We encourage you to take the time right now to reach out to us. Set up a consultation and inspection. We are happy to provide you with a free quote for new siding. Increasing energy efficiency with new siding installation is more within reach than you may realize.

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