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How To Tell If Your Windows Need Replacement

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With the winter season quickly approaching, there are a few high-priority tasks that you should finish beforehand. Many of them have to do with preventative measures to keep your home’s exterior operational through the winter months, but how about its interior? You don’t want to have to go through the winter spending more on heat than you’d expect! One of the biggest causes of this issue is faulty windows. These are not as effective as newer windows and may lead to colder temperatures in your home this winter. If you need help determining whether or not to replace your windows, we’ll explain the most telling signs below!

You Feel A Slight Draft Coming From Them

If drafts are coming through your windows, the cold air is coming in with them! This issue is pretty easy to spot; simply go up to the windows in your home and place your hand near the seals that keep it in place. Do you feel cold air coming from them? It means that the seals around your windows are either compromised or getting old in age, which are both signs that you’ll need to get them replaced. This problem will only continue to get worse as temperatures drop, so make sure you act quickly!

Condensation Between The Glass Panes

If you’re unfamiliar with the way your windows operate, there are two glass panels with glazing around them. These seals help to trap the cold air and prevent it from getting into your home. Over time, however, these seals begin to lose their effectiveness. One way that you can check for this is to examine your windows on a particularly cold day. Check for condensation forming around the bottom of your windows. If you see it, your seals are likely close to the end of their life!

Outside Noise Is More Apparent

The cues you need to look for when it comes to determining the condition of your windows aren’t just visual – there are auditory cues that you can look for too! If you’re in an especially noisy neighborhood, this should be pretty easy to spot. If you’re in a quieter area, take note of the times where your neighbors are the loudest. Compare how it sounds from room to room. If you notice any rooms that are significantly louder than others, its a good sign that the windows in that room need to be replaced!

Replacement Windows with Capital Construction

If you’ve noticed that the windows in your home need an upgrade, Capital Construction Contracting offers the best possible options! We can install windows from some of the most trusted brands in the business, such as Marvin, Harvey and Velux. Our expert installation team will ensure that your family doesn’t need to pay extra for heat this winter. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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