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How Snow and Ice Impacts Your Roof

Think of winter and you’ll likely think of cuddling around a warm fireplace at home, while the snow falls lightly outside. As idyllic as that image may be, it’s important to remember to brace your home for the harsher side of winter weather, such as hail, ice, and snowstorms. Here are some tips to help prepare you and your home for the harshness of winter in the future.

Roof Structural Integrity

Snowfall, especially heavy snowfall, results in additional weight on the roof that will sit there for a prolonged period of time. While this already increases the amount of stress on the roof, rainwater condensing into large ice blocks as a result of the freezing temperatures will exacerbate the problem further. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire a contractor to check for any leaks or faults in your roof’s structure that could lead to potential leaks or cave-ins.

Ice Dams

If left unattended, ice blocks can accumulate to form massive ice dams that can cause gutter damage and even tear flashing right off the roof. To prevent this, it is important to keep your roof and gutters free of snow and debris. While in some circumstances you can do it yourself, it is usually safer to hire someone to do the job.

Melting Snow

Freezing ice isn’t the only issue that will pose a threat to your roof, melting ice will as well. When the ice/snow melts into a liquid, it will seep into any cracks that exist on the surface. When the temperature drops and the water freezes over again, it expands and widens the crack. This consistent freeze/thaw cycle can eventually result in leaks and cave-ins if left unattended. This drastically reduces your roof’s lifespan, and puts it at risk to ultimately require a very costly full replacement.

Ultimately, roof maintenance is vital towards the structural integrity at home, and it’s important that yours is up to the task, especially during the rigors of winter. If you are in the Boston area, and want to ensure that your roof is in prime condition, contact Capital Construction Contracting to assess, repair, and maintain your roof. We also do contracting for siding, windows, decking and more, all to ensure that you can rest easy by your fireplace at night, knowing that your home is standing strong and keeping you safe.

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