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How Long Will My Window Replacement Take

Investing in a new window for your home (or a whole home of them) is one of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and add value to it. A replacement may be a priority if you have old windows, especially those with broken seals. Still, there is a time factor. Many people do not want to have to wait too long to get windows installed or have their home exposed to the elements for a long time. So, how long will my window replacement take? The answer is it depends, but most of the time, you can have the work done in a couple of hours when you choose Capital Construction in Boston.

How Long Does It Take to Replace One Window?
If you hire a skilled and specialized window installer for your home, chances are good your windows are going to be taken care of properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. Replacing a single window typically does not take long – usually within 40 minutes to an hour to complete. That involves removing the old window, making any slight repairs to the structure and casing necessary, and then placing the new window. It includes sealing the new window, too.

Expect that across each window in your home. However, if you hire a specialized window replacement company for the work, they will have more than one person working on the project, and that means the work gets done faster for you. Most of the time, the average home needs between two and six hours to have the windows removed and replaced, though some factors can lengthen that time. That may include:

Extensive rot or damage to the window frame and casing may require the entire structure to be removed, repaired, and then replaced, increasing the amount of time it takes to replace the window.

Some windows that are larger require more specialized installation methods because of their weight and overall structure. You can expect these to take a bit longer to install as well, especially bay and bow windows.

Hard-to-access windows may also require more extensive work and adjustment to the timeline. That includes skylights as well as any window that may be at a difficult height or odd angle due to the roof structure.

The good news is your window installer can provide you with a quote about the window replacement process. That should include a rough estimate of the amount of time it will take to replace the windows you need to have taken care of during this project.

How Long Does It Take to Order and Get Windows In?
The other factor that plays a role in the window replacement process is the amount of time between having a quote and ordering the windows until the installation date. Typically, an average window may be in stock and ready to go. That could mean having the work done rather quickly based on the times available by the installer.

Other times, especially in whole home projects, the windows are built for your home. That is also true in cases where you need very specialized windows. In this case, you can expect the ordering process to take four weeks or longer. However, that is also very much dependent on the time of the year, the type of window, and the company you are working with for the job.

Once again, when you contact a window replacement company, they should be able to provide you with specific information about the process and the length of time it will take to order and have your windows installed. Timelines change all of the time, too, which means that you could see the project done sooner. Numerous factors may impact how long it takes to have your windows installed. Here are some common factors to keep in mind:

The Time of the Year
Did you know you can have your windows installed at most times of the year? It can be a bit cold in the winter months, but the process only takes a few hours. There is a significant advantage to doing it now, though. If you have your windows replaced in the fall, chances are good that there will be less competition for the installer’s time. You may even find that prices are a bit lower during this time of the year as well.

If you have your windows replaced in the spring or summer months, expect there to be some delay, as that is often the busy season. It does not mean you have to put it off, but the sooner you call to schedule an installation, the better.

The Manufacturer
Many times, the brand of windows you select for your home can also play a role in the timeline of your project. Some companies simply take longer. Other companies may have a backorder available to ensure you can get what you need when you need it. Depending on the type of window, the size, and whether or not it is stocked and ready to go, you may have to wait a bit for your new windows.

Why Choose Capital Construction?
You have options when it comes to choosing who to install your windows. At Capital Construction, we can offer several key benefits to you.

We offer a free quote for any project. That means there is nothing to lose – and a lot to gain – by giving us a call. That includes a rough estimate of when your windows will be ready to install and what the timeline looks like.

We use the highest quality window products (Andersen, Marvin, and Velux), and we ensure they are installed properly according to manufacturer requirements. That helps to protect your investment and ensure the best possible outcome for your project. You can trust our highly trained and experienced window installers to get the job done properly.

Call Capital Construction Today
Ready to learn more? If you are still asking, “How long will my window replacement take” reach out to us for a consultation today. Let Capital Construction provide you with a quote for the work we provide to you and a timeline of what you can expect. Call us in Boston to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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