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How Long Will My Roof Replacement Take?

A close up of a roof's corner and edges. You can see that the roof uses grey asphalt shingles.

As a Boston homeowner, you will want to replace your roof and ensure it can withstand the harsh weather and fit your aesthetic. Whether the roof has damage or is nearing its end, you must find the best solution for your Boston home. A roofing replacement project should not be a headache. You must make several decisions before the project begins, and Capital Construction Contracting can help you with these decisions.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof
Before taking any steps to replace your roof, you must determine if it is time for an upgrade or replacement. Boston homeowners will benefit more if they replace their roofs before a disaster. There are some signs that it is time to replace your roof. Some signs are apparent, while others are subtle.

Roof damage is one sign it is time to replace your roof. You should never wait until the roof damage shows up inside your home because that will lead to additional repairs. You can look for damage around gutters, flashings, and shingles. You can look for loose, torn, or curling shingles. When cleaning your gutters, look for pieces of the roof.

Age is another reason to replace your roof. You must start looking into replacement after 12 to 15 years. If you haven’t been in the home for that long, review your house documents to find out when the last time your roof was replaced. Another time to consider replacing your roof is if you are intending to sell your home.

If you have a compromised roof, sellers will not want to purchase the property as is, which can complicate your sale. Complications can also come from lenders and insurance companies. Lenders will not extend a mortgage to a Boston home with roof damage, and insurance companies will deny coverage for these homes.

Choosing Your Roof Materials
The first step in roofing is to get an estimate and choose a roofing company. When getting an estimate, it will include the materials you choose, additional roofing elements, and roof size. If you need help deciding on the materials for your roof, we can help you narrow down your options. Some Boston homeowners will get various estimates before deciding who will replace their roofs. Once you make your choice, we will order materials and prepare for your installation date. We will pull permits and relevant documentation during this time.

There are several roofing materials you can choose from, and depending on what you choose, it can be shorter or longer before the materials arrive. However, the length it takes to get the materials should not deter you from choosing a material. If it is the best material for you, you should wait for it to arrive. This is how long it can take for specific materials to be ready for your home:

Wood: two to eight days
Slate: six to seven days
Asphalt: one to three days
Concrete: eight to nine days
Title: six to twelve days
Metal: seven to fourteen days

These are averages, and the materials can take less or more time to arrive. The larger your home, the more materials we will need to get, which can also extend the materials delivery time. Roofing materials will also determine the replacement method to use, which impacts the length of your replacement project.

Materials Arrive at Your Boston-Area Home
Getting all the permits and materials to begin your roofing replacement can take a week or two. Once we have all the necessary documents and materials, we will work with you for an installation date. We will deliver the materials and equipment, making it a seamless process. The materials will stay onsite until the roofing project is complete. Depending on the scheduling, we will leave the materials at your home before we can come out and start your project. Work with our team to find the best roofing replacement solution for you.

The Installation Process
There is a lot of prep work, but the installation process does not take long. The most arduous process is removing the old roof. Depending on the roof size and layers, it can extend the timeline. Boston roofing companies will bring the dumpster and remove the old roof piece by piece. When the roof is bare, we will inspect the roof for underlying damage. If any damage is found, we will address those issues first. Usually, any damage is found during an initial inspection, but sometimes they show up after removing the old roof.

If there is damage, we will repair it and begin the installation process. The roof can take a few days but usually no longer than a week. If you have roofing components like gutters, skylights, and more, we will add that as we go or after installing the roof.
Walkthrough and Clean Up
Upon finishing an installation, we will conduct a walkthrough of the roof and property with the homeowners. You will see for yourself that everything is up to par. Our team will clean up any materials we use and the surrounding area. If there are any concerns, homeowners should bring those up during a final walkthrough.

After the roof is complete, many Boston homeowners assume everything is done. However, we must take some additional steps to close out your project. Capital Construction will close out the permit with the local municipalities. You will also receive your warranty documents four to six weeks after completion. The warranty is an additional layer of protection and helps homeowners breathe easy.

Working With Capital Construction
Boston has been rebuilt several times, leading to different architectural styles, including many kinds of roofs. Capital Construction has experience replacing roofs in the Boston area. Suppose it is time for a roof replacement. Weather, materials, delivery dates, and the replacement process will all impact your roofing project’s length. You should not be working on your roof replacement if it is raining, snowing, or other extreme weather. Capital Construction is aware of all potential delays and factors to consider. Call us for your roofing replacement project.

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