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How Long Does a Siding Project Take?

A close up look at grey vinyl siding on the side of a home.

Siding is important to your home’s curb appeal and adds value to your home, and protects it from the long wintery New England weather. A well-done siding job will prevent water from seeping into your home, stop pests from infesting your house and make your home more energy efficient.

All good things take time, and completing a perfect siding project cannot be rushed. An experienced, reputable contractor, like Capital Construction in Boston, will carefully and skillfully complete your project promptly and always provide you with a timeline.
Your Siding Project Will Be Unique
Every siding project is unique, but a normal siding project usually takes about a week to two weeks to be completed. Several factors affect the time it takes to finish a siding installation. The house size will affect how long it takes to install the siding. The square footage, number of floors, landscaping, and grading around the house will come into play.

Also, bad weather and painted or unpainted siding may change the timeline. Once the existing siding is removed, a siding professional can evaluate your home for water damage, rot, asbestos, and sheathing damage. Damage will extend the siding process. Lastly, building permits and inspections may also extend the timeframe for a siding project.
What to Expect During a Siding Installation Project
The old siding will be removed. Depending on the crew and the size of your house, sometimes just one side will be removed at a time so the house isn’t exposed to harsh weather.
After the old siding is removed, the crew will inspect for damages, and repairs can be made.
The Weather Resistance Barrier (WRB) or house wrap may be installed or replaced at this time.
New siding and trim will then be installed.
Clean-up and inspection will follow the installation.

It is important to use caution when a siding installation takes place at your home. While a professional siding contractor will clean up when done each day, you may find nails and materials on and around your lawn and driveway. Remember to be careful and remind all family members, children, and neighbors to be cautious.
What if I Install The Siding Myself?
Proper installation of siding requires very detailed work. Installers must pay close attention when working around corners, windows, and other intricate areas. It’s a good idea to work with a contractor rather than try to install the siding yourself. There are many reasons why it is smart to hire a contractor. Some of those reasons include the following:

Contractors will be able to obtain the proper permits and inspections. If you do not acquire the right permits, you may be subject to fines and may have problems with the sale of your home at a later date.
Siding installers are experienced and familiar with installing around eaves and soffits.
Siding professionals will know if damage under the existing siding will need to be fixed and will have the equipment and materials to fix any damage encountered.
Siding installation experts also have the equipment and tools to complete an installation.
A siding installation crew will also be able to dispose of materials and trash.
If the siding is installed improperly, water damage and a pest infestation can occur, and the energy-efficient properties may not come to fruition.

An experienced siding company has the equipment, knowledge, and resources to ensure your siding project runs smoothly and is completed on time. Capital Construction Contracting has over 15 years of experience installing siding and handles every siding job as if it were a custom job. We use our years of experience and only high-quality materials to install siding on your Massachusetts home. The types of siding we install include James Hardie, Alside Vinyl, and Maibec Wood:

James Hardie is a sturdy, long-lasting fiber cement that looks beautiful. Capital Construction is a James Hardie Preferred Elite Installer.
Alside Vinyl is a specially designed vinyl siding that requires minimal maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and is immune to water damage.
Maibec Wood is a wood siding made to enhance your home’s appearance. Its most noteworthy feature is flexibility, coming in different colors and raw materials, allowing you to customize your home’s siding.

Superior quality materials and a highly skilled siding contractor are essential to a well-done job. Often, potential customers have questions about price, when construction can begin, and how long the project will take. While these are important questions, they are not the only questions. Quality of materials, installation and an experienced-based company who can offer you both can ensure that you are happy with your siding for years to come.

At Capital Construction, we strive to ensure our client’s satisfaction. We want to make your home your dream home. Our 4.8-Star rating from over 1,000 reviews from happy customers proves our team provides superior service no matter the project’s scope. In addition to our happy clients, we also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

All of our installers are licensed, certified, and insured. We have been helping homeowners create their dream homes for over 17 years. When you work with Capital Construction, you will be treated like family at all times. We will also ensure that your property is kept clean throughout the entirety of the siding installation project.

Let’s Discuss Goals for Your Dream Home Today
Contact us at Capital Construction to discuss your exterior siding needs. We are dedicated to customizing your homes to your specifications with the materials, design elements, and colors you dream of. We will guide you through choosing your siding to stand in the front yard and admiring the finished product. Satisfied customers are our goal. Our contractors are ready when you are.

We look forward to hearing from you today. There is no project too big or too small for our experienced team in Boston or the surrounding areas. Let us help you find the right siding colors and types for your home. Improve your curb appeal today.

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