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Capital Construction is the James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer

James Hardie invented fiber cement siding, a valuable product that customers choose for its durability, low maintenance, long-lasting, and attractive qualities. While many people want fiber cement siding installed in their homes, it is important that they hire an experienced, skilled, and trained professional to do the job. That’s why James Hardie has a contractor alliance program, where customers can find James Hardie Elite Preferred Installers to install this type of siding onto their homes. Capital Construction is proudly part of this program, assuring you that our contractors are trained, knowledgeable, and able to fulfill your siding needs and wishes.

Is Choosing an Elite Preferred Installer Necessary?

If you want to ensure that your siding is installed properly, you must choose an Elite Preferred Installer to handle this job. Installing fiber cement siding can be tricky, complicated, and difficult. Therefore, you want to ensure that it is done accurately the first time and that it will last many years.

When you select a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer like Capital Construction, you set your standards high and expect the company to meet them. This should not be hard to do with the proper knowledge and tools. You will also receive peace of mind knowing that your siding installation will be completed quickly with no mistakes or errors.

How Does a Company Become a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer?

While you may think that anyone can become a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer, there are certain criteria that companies must meet. That said, Capital Construction works hard to demonstrate year after year that we can meet the high standards set by James Hardie. Doing so shows our customers that we are trustworthy, skilled, and know what we are doing. Here are some of the criteria that we must meet to be a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer:

Have a professional license
Pass background checks
Pass random siding installation audits conducted by James Hardie
Comply with the best practices of James Hardie
Carry liability insurance
Have a professional sales approach

What if My Fiber Cement Siding Was Installed Improperly?
If your fiber cement siding was installed improperly, this is a big problem that you will want to be fixed right away. However, it is important to remember that James Hardie is a high-quality product you can depend on for many years. Therefore, you should not blame the product because of the person who installed it. Most complaints about this type of siding are because it was improperly installed.

If your fiber cement siding was improperly installed, you could contact another company, such as Capital Construction, to fix the person’s mistakes and install the siding correctly by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Once you hire our team and see our results, we guarantee you will be happy with this dependable, appealing, and lasting product.

Many companies in the Boston area and surrounding cities are not James Hardie Elite Preferred Installers. Therefore, they are not experienced, knowledgeable, or trained in correctly installing fiber cement siding. While they offer lower prices, you may pay more in the long run to fix their mistakes. The 30-year warranty may also be voided if the product is not properly installed. This will not only lead to you being angry, but it will also cause stress, frustration, and overwhelming feelings after spending so much time and money on a beautiful siding that you expected to go on your home and last you for many years.

Doesn’t Fiber Cement Siding Install Like Other Sidings?
Fiber cement siding does not install like other sidings. It is much different than wood, stucco, brick, vinyl, and other types of siding. Therefore, fiber cement siding has its own set of directions to follow when installing this type of siding. That is why it is highly recommended that you hire a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer to ensure your siding is installed correctly the first time and prevent any unnecessary damage to the siding during the installation process.

Can I Install Fiber Cement Siding Myself?
While you may be handy when doing things in your home and believe you have what it takes to install fiber cement siding, you should rethink this carefully. Some people have taken this step and succeeded by watching videos that provide directions, but there have been many people who have encountered serious problems that could have been avoided if they hired a professional to do the job for them. The following are a few reasons why you should reconsider installing fiber cement siding yourself:

You may not have the tools: You need special tools when installing fiber cement siding. A lot of people do not own these tools. Therefore, it is best to let professionals with the tools handle the job.

You may not have the experience or training: This can be a very challenging process, and you need experience and training. If you are new to installing fiber cement siding, you may make costly mistakes.

You may not have the time: Installing fiber cement siding can be overwhelming and stressful. Therefore, you must have several weeks or months of free time to complete this project. However, if you hire Capital Construction, your contractor can dedicate all their time to your siding installation, completing it within hours or days.

Your warranty may be voided: If you decide to install and damage the siding, your warranty will be voided. This could cause big issues as you now have damaged siding and no replacement warranty.

Choose Capital Construction to Install Fiber Cement Siding Today

Instead of allowing any contractor to install your James Hardie fiber cement siding, hire Capital Construction today. Our contractors are properly trained and taught how to install this type of siding, and we guarantee it will be completed correctly the first time.

If you are ready to hire a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer, please do not hesitate to contact our team at your earliest opportunity. We will schedule a meeting to begin discussing your needs and provide a quote to give you an idea of what to expect.

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