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Benefits of a Flat Roof

Your roof is your primary protection from the outside world and the weather. Having a roof over your head means you can come home and relax after a long day. Most property owners do not give their roofs much thought until something goes wrong. Flat roofs are popular, and they have many benefits. You will see flat roofs on businesses and apartment buildings most often. They are often made of asphalt and synthetic rubber. If you are considering a flat roof, you should know all its benefits. Capital Construction can remove your old roof and install a flat roof.

Types of Flat Roofs
There are three main types of roofs, although you might look at a flat roof and not notice the difference. Built-up roofing was the first and most common type of flat roofing. It consists of a bottom layer of insulation board and additional layers of asphalt or tar. The top layer is gravel. Another flat roof type is a rubber membrane made of ethylene propylene diene monomer. The roof is weighted down with river stones. Lastly, modified bitumen is lightweight and has a single layer of adhesive roofing material.

There are roofing system elements to consider when choosing a flat roof. A flat concrete roof used to be the go-to and is still popular because it is resistant to high winds. A TPO flat roof is well known for resisting dirt and algae build-up. It also helps to keep your home cooler, helping with energy efficiency,

Affordability of a Flat Roof
Flat roofing materials are cost-effective and, therefore, so are labor costs. Installation is easier, which means fewer associated costs. Flat roofs use fewer materials and take up less space. Slope roofs have many layers of materials which leads to many potential pitfalls. Repairs are less expensive for the same reason. Once you have a flat roof, you can rest assured that it will last years.

Flat Roofs Are Easy to Install
Installation takes less time than other roofing materials. Repairs are also more straightforward. Since you need a smaller team and less time, you can have a flat roof in no time. The installation will not impact your daily operations because you do not have to close the building during installation. Other roofing projects are dangerous and therefore require businesses and homes to be inaccessible for days. The most significant interruption can be in getting the materials on the property. Flat roofs can be installed in a few days. Sometimes, they can be prepared and completed in two days.

Flat Roofs Offer Versatility
Flat roofs are easier to inspect for insects and damage because they are accessible. Suppose you are in an apartment building. You do not need a giant ladder to get up to the roof because stairs lead up to the roof. Anyone can go up and walk around to look for damage. It also means contractors can access problem areas without fuss.

Flat Roofs Are Energy Efficient
A flat roof gives property owners space to install solar panels. They can help reduce your energy bills. Sometimes solar panels result in property owners not paying anything for electricity or having a local agency pay them. Another energy-efficient feature is the membrane system. Without gaps, it blocks out air and promotes energy efficiency. Building temperature stays low because the heat has a harder time getting in.

HVAC Unit Space is Ample
An HVAC unit is essential for every Boston building, and with a flat roof, it is easy to place. Putting HVAC units on the roof, especially on commercial buildings, keeps them safe from vandalism and damage. Maintenance companies will also find it easier to access and conduct repairs if necessary. If you want to put an HVAC system on the roof, you must work with your contractor to check the substructure for strength and capacity. Improper installation of an HVAC can lead to puddling and leaks.

Easy Cleaning
Cleaning and maintaining a roof can sound awful and unnecessary, but it is easy to access and clean when you have a flat roof. Since you can walk around without fearing a fall, you can reach every nook and cranny. Regular cleaning can prevent algae, stains, debris, and mold. During the winter, cleaning can be challenging because of the snow, and you might lose access during a heavy snowstorm.

Flat Roofs Are Aesthetically Pleasing
Modern homes are moving towards flat roofs because of the clean lines. A flat roof allows other elements of the house to stand out. It also suits all landscaping styles and themes. If you are a fan of modern homes, you will love the benefits of a flat roof. You can focus on other design features because your roof will not be a focal point. They often have a premium look and are a desirable choice for architects.

Additional Features of a Flat Roof
Flat roofs leave plenty of space for other uses. Boston property owners can create gardens, patios, and entertaining spaces. You can get ideas from family and friends or look around the neighborhood. You can throw a party on the roof with the right tools. After a long day, you can go up to your roof with your favorite drink and watch the sunset. With so much space, the only hurdle is your creativity.

Flat Roofs Are Good For Commercial and Residential Construction
Flat roofs are more about function than style. They come in neutral colors like white, gray, and black. Commercial buildings thrive on neutral colors, meaning there is one less decision to make. Flat roofs last between 10 and 15 years. It takes a lot to damage these roofs. Since there are no shingles, the roof will not have shingle damage after some wind or rain.

Capital Construction Has the Roofing Services You Need in Boston
Your roof will not last forever, and you will need to replace it eventually. Your roof will suffer lots of wear and tear, especially in Boston, where the weather can be harsh. Many problems can arise with your roof, including leaks, storm damage, broken shingles, etc. Flat roofs have different issues to contend with, and you should discuss your roofing project with Capital Construction. We can help with repairs or total roof replacements.

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