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Advantages of Mahogany Decking

A closeup of a mahogany deck with mahogany handrails. You can see little bits of a front yard and driveway in the background.

Installing a new deck on your home can provide it with a variety of benefits almost immediately. You’ll have a new space to entertain your friends and family with and you’ll upgrade your home’s property value as well. As is tradition with any additional installations on your home’s exterior, you should have a good idea of what you’re getting into before you agree to anything. Each decking material provides a unique set of advantages and disadvantages to their use, and mahogany decking is no exception. We showcase all the advantages of mahogany decking below!

Increased Durability

Did you know that mahogany decking can last as long as certain types of gutters on your home? Mahogany is a superior material when it comes to home exterior construction. The main highlight that makes it such an attractive material is its heightened resistance to the elements. Specifically, mahogany is highly resistant to mold and rot, also preventing it from attack by pesky termites. A good mahogany deck will last you upwards of 20 years with little need for repair or replacement. It’s a decking material that’s worth its asking price in the long run!

Easy To Work With

As a decking material, mahogany is by far one of the easiest materials to work with. It’s incredibly strong, so one might think that this strength comes at the cost of mahogany’s weight. However, you’d be mistaken; mahogany is actually one of the most lightweight materials to work with! Construction workers can form and shape mahogany as they please, making installation seamless and easy. This workability allows mahogany decking to be sold at a far cheaper price than many materials of similar caliber, which makes it a popular choice among homeowners.

Unique Appearance

Believe it or not, mahogany was a prized material by the royal class of old! The reddish color adds an elegant look and feel to any application it’s applied to. Mahogany decking is one of the most sought after choices for decking because of the unique shade of red it gives off, and it’s a good reason why you’ll see it used on so many other decks. It will upgrade your home’s curb appeal as well and make it easier for you to secure a higher asking price on the open market.

Decking With Capital Construction

Capital Construction Contracting has decades of experience turning lacking home exteriors into beautiful works of art that are durable and operate at peak performance. We’ll be happy to install a variety of decking materials for your home’s deck, including the highly sought after mahogany decking! To upgrade your home’s curb appeal and give yourself a space to entertain guests, click here to request an estimate from us!

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