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Risks of Trees to your Roof

As a homeowner, having a beautiful landscape can be something you’re proud of. A big part of that is trees. Throughout New England, trees are a commonly found items in yards. While amazing, trees can cause damage to your home in more ways than you might think. We have written this blog to make sure you’re aware of the risks and so you can take any needed action.

Top 4 Ways That Trees Damage Roofs

1. Overhanging Branches:

We see branches snap off and fall to the ground far more frequently during the winter months. With the extra weight and pressure from snow and ice, any branches hanging over your house puts your home at additional risk of damage.

The best thing to do is walk around your house and make sure that your home has a 10 foot radius clear of any branches. Any branches can come crashing down but if you see any that look like they are decaying, those are much more likely to break off.

2. Leaves:

If leaves and needles from the trees get stuck and don’t come off your roof, it can be bad for your roof. The issue here is that moisture can get trapped and can seep into your roof.

3. Gutters:

Nobody likes cleaning out their gutters but it’s much needed. If you don’t clear out your gutters before wintertime, those leaves will get stuck and it’ll create so many issues. Clogged gutters and/or downspouts gives no exit point for water. This can lead to damage on your roof, your gutter system and your landscape below. As well, during the winter, clogged gutters often leads to ice dams.

4. Falling Trees:

The most destructive and less common issue than arise from trees is them coming crashing down on your home. The only way that you can stay on top of this not happening if walking around your house and inspecting the health of your trees. If you see an old tree that seems to be decaying, it may be time to call a local tree company to take it down.

Your roof is what first protects your home against the elements. From installation and repairs to maintenance work, give some love to your roof this spring!

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