Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar Roof Replacement and Installation in Boston, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & New Hampshire

At Capital Construction Contracting we provide new installation and historical cedar roof installations. Throughout New England, our experienced contractors can transform your roof in a way most others cannot.

Main Advantages of Cedar Roof Shingles

Depending on the style, and color of shingle that you choose, this roofing option provides a truly unique and rustic look for your home’s exterior. Used on residential and commercial properties all over the world, this type of roofing is available in shingle, shake, and hip & ridge unit formats. Here the top six reasons to consider Capital Construction Contracting INC for your next cedar roof shake project:

1. Dimensional stability

Cedar wood is a low density material meaning that it offers very minimal shrinkage. In humid conditions it is able to hold its original dimensions.

2. Resistance to the elements

Cedar wood is resistant to moisture, UV rays, insect damage and is also wind resistant.

3. Strength

As one of the toughest woods out there, cedar wood is an extremely durable roofing material.

4. Insulating

Cedar is a natural insulator. This means you’ll have extra help keeping the warm temperatures in during the winter and the cool A/C in during the summer.

5. Architecturally enhancing appearance

Cedar roofing offers a natural and timeless appearance to your home.

With these characteristics, cedar shingles and shakes make for a visually versatile and naturally practical roofing material. A robust addition to any residential or commercial roofing project, cedar is a long-lasting and reliable choice.

Cedar Shake Offerings

At Capital Construction we use Cedar Shake roofing on residential and commercial properties. This type of roofing is available in the following formats:

  • Shingle
  • Shake
  • Hip & Ridge

Just like any other type of roof, basic maintenance is required to keep the cedar looking well and performing exceptionally. Cedar trees can withstand hundreds of years without losing their beauty or sturdiness. The same can be said for a cedar roof, which can last more than 50yrs with proper maintenance and care. Lots of different factors contribute to extending the life of cedar roofing. At Capital Construction we use a process which ensures that your cedar shake roof will protect your home for many years to come.

Why Us?

At Capital Construction we know how to properly install quality-made cedar roofing material from years of experience with our skilled roofers.

Cedar wood has been used for hundreds of years. This particular type of wood can last a really long time, it absorbs the damage of many types of weather, and becomes more beautiful as time goes by. After proper installation it is relatively low maintenance for the homeowner, who relies on the cedar wood’s oil to help naturally resist the debilitating effects of decay and insect attacks.

For more information about how Capital Construction can help transform your home and provided the cedar roof services you need, contact us. We can be reached over the phone or through our online contact form.

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