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What to Look for in a Contractor

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Home remodeling can be an overwhelming task. It would be nice to snap your fingers or wiggle your nose and have all your remodeling needs to be completed without dealing with the in-between part, but that’s not how it works. Home improvement planning and enjoying the finished product are fun, but the in-between times can be a real hassle. That’s why choosing the right contractor for your home project is important. Put your trust in the experienced team at Capital Construction for your Boston remodeling project.
How Should I Begin Looking For a Contractor?
Before you begin your quest to find the perfect contractor, you should have a plan for your project, know how much you can afford, and know how much your project may cost. If you know how much your project should cost, you won’t be tricked into paying more than you should.
Advertisements, mailers, and online searches are great ways to start searching for a contractor, but more research should be done before you make a final decision. Referrals are a great way to find a contractor.
Referrals From Family and Friends
Ask friends and family for recommendations. If you like your neighbor’s new deck, you may want to ask for their contractor’s name. Check with friends on social media to see if they have recently worked with a home contractor. Word of mouth is often the best way to find the right fit for your home remodeling needs.
Consultation/Interview With the Contractor
Once you have narrowed your search down to a few contractors, contact the contractor via telephone or email. Set up consultations or interviews with at least three reputable companies if possible. Ask questions and ask for a written proposal from each contractor. Most contractors will happily set up a free consultation and provide a quote or estimate.
Questions to ask and topics to discuss with potential contractors:

Are you licensed and insured?
How long will the project take?
Will you handle the permits?
What will your daily schedule be like?
Will a project manager be overseeing my project?
How will you protect my home from construction damage?
How much will the project cost? Ask for a written proposal.
Ask to see pictures of completed projects.
Ask for references.
Visiting Showrooms
If a prospective contractor has a showroom, it is a great way to see materials used and possibly pick materials. You could choose the color siding you like best or the type of decking you envision.
What to Look For in a Prospective Contractor
Experience – choose a contractor that has experience with your particular project. Look for a contractor that’s been in business for a long time and specializes in the work of your project.
Quality Reputation – choose a contractor that has a good reputation. Ask to speak with previous customers or see customer testimonials. Ask to see previous jobs if possible.
Customer Service – a worthwhile contractor will be respectful and demonstrate their customer service from the first call or interaction.

Once you sign a contract, the contractor will likely require a deposit before your project is scheduled. Be sure to ask for receipts for all payments you make.
What to Expect in a Contract
According to the city of Boston, all contracts should include the following:

In the actual agreement: the contractor’s name, registration number, social security number, business name, and address
Description of work and materials: total price, payment schedule, start date, and estimated completion date
Signatures for all parties
A notice stating all contractors/subcontractors should be registered and where registration inquiries should be made
A three-day cancellation notice stating that you can cancel your contract if you signed it in your home or somewhere other than the contractor’s office
Warranties and owner’s rights
Liens or security interests that resulted from the contract
A sentence saying that no work can begin before the signing of the contract and customer/owner receiving a copy.

Additionally, there cannot be any acceleration clauses. The contractor must inform the homeowner of all permits. No contract can contain an acceleration clause requiring any part or all of the balance. Always read contracts carefully before you sign, and make sure all changes to the contract are in writing.

Some other things to keep in mind regarding contractors:

Make sure the contractor obtains all permits. Be cautious if a contractor asks you to acquire the permits. If permits are not attained, you may violate ordinances and be fined. Missing permits can also be a problem when you sell your house.
Try and maintain regular contact with the contractor during construction. They should update you regularly about the progress of your project and keep you informed of any problems or delays, as well as any additional costs that may arise.
Keep your contract, receipts, and other documentation in a file so that it stays organized and available if you need to reference it.
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