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The Advantages Of EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofing being installed on a commercial building

Especially in an area with chaotic weather conditions like the northeast, finding the roofing material that will best fit the needs of the climate can sometimes be difficult. Especially if your home has a flat roof, your options are even more limited. After all, many of the most popular and sturdy roofing materials are made for sloped roofs! Luckily for property owners with this dilemma, EPDM roofing is a material that is comparable to some of the best. We’ll show you why EPDM is the best choice for property owners with flat roofs below!

It’s Lightweight

One of the big differences that separates sloped roofs from flat roofs is the amount of foot traffic they see. It should go without saying that a sloped roof won’t see anywhere near as much – especially in the aftermath of severe weather! Since flat roofs see significantly more traffic, the materials need to withstand both their own weight and the weight of others. EPDM roofing is lightweight and flexible, ensuring that your roof doesn’t take a bigger weight load than it can handle.

Surprising Weather Resistance

Since EPDM roofing is installed in strips rather than shingles, a common misconception is that they don’t hold up as well against the elements. This is completely false! EPDM roofing is adept at handling any type of severe weather conditions, including rain, snow, hail, and high winds. Roof leaks are a serious issue that can cost a lot of money in water damage repairs. EPDM roofing stands up impressively to this problem, even going so far as to prevent algae growth. Since this is a plague for older roofs, EPDM is a replacement that eliminates more than a few concerns!

Easy To Repair & Replace

The ease of access to EPDM materials makes them a simple roofing material to install. However, the benefits don’t stop there! In the event that parts of your rubber roof are damaged, they are very simply replaced! Since this rubber roofing is installed in strips, repairing and replacing it is as easy as swapping out individual strips. Some fixes can be made with a simple patch kit as well. Other materials aren’t as easy to come by, which could leave your roof vulnerable should severe weather conditions return.

Install EPDM Roofing Effectively With Capital Construction Contracting

The benefits of EPDM roofing are easy for commercial and multi-family property owners to take advantage of. Hiring the right roofing contractor is paramount to get the best results. Capital Construction Contracting has spent years providing professional and comprehensive EPDM roofing installation services to homeowners across New England. We’ll help you reap the benefits with our flawless attention to detail! Contact us today to secure a new EPDM roof for your property!

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