The warm weather is coming fast and that means it’s time to check your deck for safety. Renovating your deck or replacing it is not as expensive as you might think. But if you have noticed any of these signs of damage or decay on your deck call Capital Construction Contracting for a deck assessment right away. 

A professional contractor will be able to tell you if you need to replace your deck or if you can renovate it to make it safe and beautiful again:

The Railings Wobble Or Seem Loose 
When you go on the deck and hold onto the railing, the railing should feel strong and stable. If you notice that the railing seems to move a little bit when you grab onto it or you can move the railing post from side to side, you need to get that railing replaced. Many older decks have railings that are just affixed with nails and nails will loosen over time. Professional deck installers will use anchors and other permanent fixtures to keep railings strong. 

The Boards Seems Spongey When You Walk On Them
If you or your family members walk on the deck and the boards, feel spongey or soft when you walk on them, the deck needs to be replaced. Over time the boards can deteriorate because of weather, pests, and other factors. If you step on a board and it feels like stepping on a carpet that means that the boards are starting to deteriorate. Replacing them now will save you a lot of headaches and possibly injuries later. 
There Are Loose Boards 
When you are walking on the deck the boards should have a little spring in them, but they shouldn’t move or wobble. If you notice that some of the boards on the deck are wobbling when people walk on them or if you notice that some of the boards seem to have shifted from their original position, you should get your deck looked at by a professional. If you repair the boards now you may be able to get by with just a deck renovation instead of a full deck replacement. But any time the boards on your deck don’t seem as strong or sturdy as they used to it’s time to get them checked. 
You See Structural Damage 
When you’re looking at your deck do you see support beams that have shifted or do you see crumbling and discoloration? That could indicate that there is major structural damage to your deck. Any structural damage means that your deck should be replaced immediately. Crumbling, holes, or other damage can lead to structural failure. It can also create openings for water to leak in and for pests like termites to get inside the wood. 
There Is No Flashing On The Ledger Boards
Ledger boards are the boards that support your deck. And they should have a plastic or metal rim or lip on the top that will direct water from rain or snow away from the board and away from your deck. Check your ledger boards and if you don’t see that lip or rim call a deck installation professional right away to have your deck checked for water damage. Water damage can destroy the wood over time. 
Your Deck Is Old 
If your deck is more than 10 years old, it probably needs to be replaced. Even if you had the deck built after you bought the home, decks do periodically need to be replaced. Getting the deck replaced is an affordable way to upgrade your home and make sure that you and your family will be safe while you are enjoying your yard. 
Your House Is Older 
If you live in an older house and the deck was on the house when you bought it you should definitely have a professional come out and assess the deck. The deck may have been built by the previous owners or it may not be compliant with modern building codes. A trained technician will be able to tell you if the deck you have meets today’s codes or needs to be replaced.

If your deck does need replacing Capital Construction can give you a brand new deck that will look great and be safe and sturdy for years to come. Hiring a professional contractor like Capital Construction Contracting is the only way to be sure that your deck is built and installed properly.