Roof leaks are extremely frustrating. A small hole can turn into so many problems. While it is good that you have noticed a leak is occurring it can actually be more difficult than you may think to find the actual source. Roofing contractors know the ins and outs and are able to find the source fairly quickly but if you want to find it out for yourself, there are a few tricks.

1. Head Upwards: 

Once you have found a leak, grab a flashlight and head up to the highest point in your home. You can go to either your attic or in the room directly above where the leak is being seen. This should be your first step to see if you find anything. 

2. Exposed Light?: 
If you can't see anything try seeing if there is any exposed light coming through your roof or walls. During the day, turn off all the lights and look through rooms and most importantly your attic. If the light is shining through anywhere then you have most likely found your leak. 
3. Foreign Objects
Look around your house at the roof, walls, and siding for any intrusive objects. It may just be as simple as an errant nail that has pierced the roof. If anything seems out of place at all it is worth looking closer at it. 
4. Listen For The Leak: 
If you aren't finding the source with your eyes, try to listen for the leak. The best time may be after some rainfall but quiet down any external noises in your house and try listing for dripping noises. If you can get help, have someone else listen as well. 
5. Check Your Gutters and Pipes
If you aren't able to see anything wrong with your roof or hear the leak, there may be something wrong with a gutter or pipe. Be sure they are cleaned out and pour water down each to ensure they flow correctly and not water goes into your home. If leaking is occurring during dry weather than this is a major sign that it's simply an issue with one of your pipes. 
6. Contact A Contractor
If you have still yet to find the leak then call a reputable contractor. You want to make sure the issue is fixed earlier rather than later and a contractor will be able to efficiently find it.

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