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Why James Hardie Is The Best For Fiber-Cement Siding

James Hardie siding on a house

Making your home’s property value rise requires improving its visual appearance from the outside. The most obvious fix you can make is to upgrade your siding, as this can drastically elevate how your home looks! However, picking the right type of siding to install for your home is easier said than done. Out of all of the types of siding to choose from, fiber cement siding is a cut above other options, but who is the best manufacturer? James Hardie has been the industry leader since the 1980s by a country mile. We’ll show you exactly what makes them stand out from the rest below!

They Invented The Modern Version

You don’t get to be the industry leader in fiber-cement siding without a plethora of good reasons behind it. James Hardie got their start in the 1980s by inventing the modern-day version of fiber cement siding! As pioneers of the invention, they’ve been able to hone their craft in the following decades to create a product that is superior compared to its competitors. With the most experience with fiber-cement, it’s a no-brainer as to why James Hardie is a cut above the rest!

Engineered For Any Climate

If there’s one thing that is consistent with the leaders in home exterior manufacturing, it’s that they test their products for the most rigorous conditions. Especially with climate conditions being different across the United States, flexibility and durability are two of the most desired traits for siding. James Hardie siding tests their fiber cement siding for all types of climates! It makes them resistant to strong winds, heavy rain, hail, and even fires! Their siding accomplishes all this while resisting the decay that comes with other materials.

It Stays Looking Like New

James Hardie even separates itself with the aesthetic elements of its design! Color is a big part of what makes siding a fantastic choice for those who want to raise curb appeal. They take it a cut above all of the other options with their patented ColorPlus technology. Their siding manufacturers apply several layers of paint to the siding before its shipped out, giving it more resistance to peeling, chipping, and rot that comes with lesser paints. The less maintenance you have to do for your siding, the better. James Hardie ensures that you’ll only have to do the least!

Install James Hardie Siding With Capital Construction Contracting

It’s not enough to just install the top siding manufacturer! Guaranteeing that this quality lasts means hiring contractors that are well versed in their installation. As Elite Preferred Contractors, we’re the team that James Hardie trusts the most to deliver an impeccable quality of installation! Elevating your home’s property value is a simple phone call away – contact us today to get started!

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