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How Your Roof Affects The Temperature Of Your Home

In Boston today, the temperature is expected to reach the mid 90’s! Now that is what we call really hot. On a day like today, staying cool is the ultimate goal. It’s extremely important to keep your house cool and doing so without wasting energy. One way that you can affect the temperature of your home is actually by your roof.

There is actually a range of different factors that directly alters how much heat gets absorbed into your house and how much heat gets reflected off. Here are the four main factors that affect the temperature of your home.

Roof Color:

There have been many studies and this is the most known factor in terms of affecting the temperature of your house. The plywood which lays under your shingles is 10-15 degrees hotter with a dark roof in direct sunlight in comparison to light color roofs. It’s as simple as darker shingles absorbing more heat and lighter shingles reflecting more heat.

Roof Material:

The material of which your roof is made of is also a huge factor. Asphalt roofs reflect an estimated 30% of light that hits the home while a metal roof is more reflective. If you have a roof material that you’re interested in, be sure to ask about its energy efficiency!

Roof Technology:

Roofing manufacturers have specifically designed roof options that do a much better of reflecting heat.  Our leading roof manufacturer, GAF, has a cool series that goes above and beyond to reduce attic temperatures and save on air-conditioning costs.

Construction of Your Roof & Attic:

Above all other factors, this is by far the most important in terms of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. All quality roofers will tell you that proper roof ventilation is key in terms of keeping your roof comfortable during the summer. Without proper roof ventilation, the heat that does make it into your attic will have no access out of your house.

For more information about having a roof that controls the temperature of your house, the way you want, please feel free to reach out to the experts at Capital Construction Contracting. We can be reached over the phone at 617-315-6325 or through our online contact form.

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