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How Long Will My Deck Project Take?

If you are considering adding a deck to your house, there is no doubt that you are excited about completing the project so you can begin enjoying it. While every project is unique, they have some things in common. This can be helpful when determining how long your deck project will take to complete.

Speak to a decking specialist at Capital Construction to discuss your project and get an idea of the timeline involved in your project today.

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Designing a Deck
When designing a deck plan, it is important for our specialists to understand the goals you have for your space. Some of the questions you might consider when determining what you need are as follows:

How Will My Deck Be Used?
This is probably the most important question to consider before construction begins on your deck. Knowing how the space will be utilized will help you to determine what features you want to include.

Some popular uses of decks that you might consider are listed below:

Decks are great spaces for entertaining. If you plan to use it to host guests, you will want to ensure there is enough room for the people you will be entertaining and that there is adequate seating available.

Do you enjoy dining outside? If so, you might want to consider a spot to grill out or an outdoor kitchen area. You will want to include space for a table and chairs. You might want to consider screening the area to help keep the bugs out.

Alone time, together. Sometimes, you may want to be in the same general space with others while maintaining some solo space. This can be important in Airbnb or rental properties. You can make a public space a little more secluded by providing multiple levels.

Once you have an idea of the space you want to create, your deck designer can go to work planning your dream project. How long this will take may depend on how quickly we can get you on the schedule and how complicated your project is.

A customized deck with all the details you want takes planning. This stage could take several weeks. Reach out to the deck planners at Capital Construction for a more accurate timeline.

What Size Deck Do I Need?
How long your deck takes will obviously be determined by the size of the deck. A larger deck will take more man-hours and longer to design. If you decide to make changes during the process, this can also increase the time your deck takes to construct.

How Complex is My Deck Design?
Another factor that goes into how long it takes to design and build a deck is the complexity of its design. Complicated deck designs can be beautiful and functional and worth every extra minute it takes to come up with a solid building plan.

But, it is important to know that this may mean more engineering goes into the process, meaning more time involved in the design and build process. In the long run, that extra time spent designing the perfect outdoor space can really pay off.

A simple rectangular design may not require as much as a deck that is meant to hug a wall that is not straight, or if the deck is a multilevel area, all of the angles, heights, and proportions need to be considered.

Adding the Extras
At Capital Construction, we can add beautiful features to your deck that can elevate your project and increase its value. These additions can also add a little time, though you will find it completely worthwhile in the end. Some of these extra additions are listed below:

Installing an outdoor kitchen
Adding outdoor fireplaces or firepits can mean extending the time you can use your deck.
Curves and angles to your decking and railing system
Multi-level decking
Water features
Choosing the Materials for Your Deck
Another thing that might affect the time it takes to complete your deck is the materials you choose. Some materials may take longer to source than others. Some may be trickier to work with.
Contact Capital Construction to understand how the material you choose might affect your project’s timeline.

Gathering the Appropriate Permits
When doing an addition to your home, like a new deck, the area you reside in will likely require you to have a building permit. The duration of time that the permitting process takes can vary. Your deck specialist can typically estimate how long this will take.

Weather and Site Conditions
We can work year-round, depending on the weather. But, sometimes, for the safety of our crew, it is just impossible to work on an outdoor project. For instance, your deck project may face delays when temperatures are extreme or if heavy rain, hail, or snow is falling.

This is not within our control, but we assure you we will be back to work as soon as it is safe to return to the job.

Your site may get slippery, muddy, icy, or might require additional grading. These factors also affect how long a project might take.

Inspecting Our Work
In the Boston area, we must acquire permits before we begin our work. It is also mandatory that our work is inspected. This protects you, the homeowner, by ensuring the work is safe and to the high standard we typically deliver. Since the inspection will depend upon the timeline of the inspector, we can only guess at home long that will take.

While your project is a unique one and could take more or less time, depending on the details of the project, the weather, and the home site, a range of somewhere between six and 16 weeks is an accurate estimate.

Contact Us Today
If you are considering a deck and live in the Boston area, reach out today. The team at Capital Construction is happy to talk to you about your deck, any hardscaping you might want to use, and the timeline in which it can be completed. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your beautiful new deck.

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