Fall is here. So many people call Fall their favorite time of the year, and at Capital Construction Contracting we often agree with that notion. As a remodeling company, we understand that the fall is possibly the most important time to maintain, clean, inspect, and repair your house. 

So, before winter gets here, follow these important maintenance tips to get your house ready for the cold season.

Inspect and clean your gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters is a recipe for disaster come winter.
Check your roof
Checking your roof is very important prior to the cold weather coming. There are many signs that something is wrong with your roof
Trim Trees
Trees that hand over your home become much more dangerous in the winter. Snow and ice can make it quite easy for limbs to break off trees. 
Check Foundation/Siding
Cracks in your siding or foundation can go from a smaller to major issue throughout the winter. Check your home to make sure there are no cracks and if there are that they are repaired ASAP. 
Look around to see if any of your windows & doors have any leaks or drafts. If the issue is minor, caulk cracks or install weather stripping. If the issue is widespread and your windows are old, consider a replacement
Make Sure Mower is Ready
Rather than scrambling to get your mower working the day of a big snowstorm, make sure that your mower is moved out of storing and that it works. 
Removed Garden Hoses
If you keep garden houses attached to exterior faucets, freezing temperatures can result in cracked pipes.

If during your fall maintenance, you come upon an issue that needs professional repair or replacement, please feel free to reach out to Capital Construction Contracting. If you ignore small issues in the fall they can lead to much more serious problems.