During the roofing process, you have to deal with a plethora of decisions. One very important decision that will have lasting implications is picking out the color of your roof. Depending on your roofing material, this color will be set on your home for many many years to come. 

Apart from what your favorite color is, there are a few factors that will steer you in making this decision.

Curb Appeal
You want to pick a color that is attractive and will boost the value of your home. With every remodel that you make, you need to be sure that you have in mind that you'll possibly sell at some point. Make sure that the rest of your home from the shingles, siding, and trim all work well with the color that you choose. 
Try finding a complementary color in comparison to your siding: Often people will pick a color that perfectly matches their siding or brick and this can be a big mistake. It can wind up making the house look monotone, boring & lifeless. 
View Roofing Shingles in Types of Light: Take home some samples of different roofing colors and view them during the morning, afternoon and evening. They will look different throughout the day so you don't want to be stuck with something you only like during a few hours of the day. 
Type of Roof: The roofing material that you choose for your house will be one of the sole factors that alter what color you choose. GAF asphalt shingles come in a range of different colors, textures, and styles. 
Energy Efficiency: Shingles that reflect light can help reduce the temperature inside your home. Lighter color shingles will more often keep your home cooler during the summer while darker shingles can help warm your house up during the winter. 
Ask Your Contractor: Capital Construction Contracting has been installing roofs for decades. If you are unsure, our team can help point you in the right direction.

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