Throughout the lifespan of your roof, chances are that you'll need a handful of repairs to ensure that it works properly. Repairs are important but there comes a time when you have to weigh whether you should have another repair is done or a completely new roof installed.

To help you through this difficult process, follow some of these important steps.


1. How Old Is Your Roof? - If your roof is only 5-10 years old then it most likely has plenty of mileage left in its tank. But, if your roof has a 20-year warranty and it's around or passing this point in time then replacing it may be the way to go. 
2. How Big is the Area that Needs Fixing? - If you only need to fix a small area, the repair may not be as costly and it may not be a long term issue. If you need to repair, say 1/3 of the roof, it may be time for a replacement. 
3. What is the cost of repair vs. replacement? - Sit down and see how much it costs to repair vs. replace your roof. If a repair costs $5,000 but a replacement only costs around $7,500 then it may be better to replace. 
4. Roof Color - When replacing shingles from an asphalt roof, it can be very difficult to get the exact same color to match what you currently have. If you constantly repair missing or broken shingles your roof could look like a checkerboard after a while. So, take this into consideration and your personal preference on the matter. 
5. Is there moisture damage to your roof deck? - If the underside and supports of your roof have significant moisture damage, re-shingling won't solve the problem. It will most likely be better for a roof replacement as these areas will be fixed during this work.

If you are unsure about any of these questions, then ask your local roofing contractor. Match their suggestions with how they answer each of these questions as that will be the best way to know if their method makes sense.

If your trusted contractor suggests a replacement, your roof is older than 20 years, it looks like a checkerboard and you have moisture damage to your roof deck then it is a no-brainer. We hope that these tips will help you throughout the process and you can get the most cost-effective work done.

If you currently have any roof problems, please feel free to reach out to Capital Construction. We are Bostons leading roofing company that can help for any roofing project both repairs & new installation.