Flat, commercial roofs pose plenty of benefits over sloped roofs but they are susceptible to leaking and breaking down in ways that normal residential roofs are not. It is important that you maintain your roof to maximize its efficiency but just like any roof, there comes a time when a replacement is necessary. 

Capital Construction Contracting installs both Carlisle Syntec roofs, and TPO roofs and has come upon varies issues that require new roofs. Many situations can be resolved with normal repairs but if you are aware of these following signs, it's time to consider a new roof replacement.

Extensive Roof Membrane Damage: This is one of the quickest ways that you can tell if you need a new commercial roof. Strong winds and storms take a toll of all types of roofs and we often see uplifting of the roof membrane. Examine the severity of the uplifting and if 25% of your roof is having this problem then it's going to be time for a replacement. If this goes ignored and unattended to then rainwater will eventually make its way in and that can do some serious damage. 

Roof Deck Issues: If your roof deck(the structural foundation for roofing systems) is damaged is not a good sign. If it's deteriorated that's often a sign that leaking is occurring. 
Large Pooling of Water: This is one of the more common issues with flat roofs but when small puddles become large pools of water, you should consider a replacement. It may be that your current roof is not equipped for proper dispersal of water. 
The Age Of Your Roof: Deciding to repair or replace your roof may solely depend on the age of your roof. If you have been having some of these problems for years and your roof is ancient, a new roof is usually the best option. If you are only having a small leak for the first time and your roof is 10 years old then a repair certainly would be the best course of action.

You have to look at your roof and think if a repair is worth it or not. If you're going to repair your roof every year and it's getting towards the end of its life that is just a waste of money.

If you have any further questions about deciding when it's time to replace or repair your commercial roof please feel free to reach out. Capital Construction Contracting can be reached over the phone at 617-319-1225 or through our online contact form.