When you stack up each roofing solutions up to another one, there are certain points that separate one another. For years, Capital Construction Contracting has specialized in slate roofing installations and repairs but the material that so many homeowners and businesses have come to love is still widely unknown by the general population. If your current roof is entering the end of its days, and you're looking into new types of roofs, slate could be a good option for you. Listed below are many of the pros and cons that come with slate roofing.

Advantages of Slate Roofing:

Longevity: Out of any roofing solution, slate roofing may be the most durable choice available. A slate roof can often last anywhere between 75-200 years. You heard that right.... 200 years. That way if you install a new slate roof now, it will protect you for your lifetime and most likely the homeowners who follow you.

Appearance: A slate roof looks different than any other roofing solution. The fine rock material that comprises slate shingles is pure beauty. You can transform your home from an average run of the mill house into something that catches everyone's eye with the help of slate. 

Resale Value: If you're looking for a home and come across one that has a roof which will last another hundred years, that will catch your eye. Installing a slate roof on your home will greatly increase its resale value. The visual appeal, durability, and longevity are extremely attractive.

Disadvantages of Slate Roofing:

Cost: If you're looking for a new slate roof, you can expect to pay more than the typical asphalt roof. The material cost and the workmanship are second to none, so you'll be getting what you are paying for. 
Weight: As you can imagine, the weight of slate shingles are much more than asphalt shingle. Because of this, not every house has the ability to carry this weight. Prior to purchasing a slate roof, you'll need to figure where your house stands from a structural standpoint.

All in all, a slate roof is an amazing asset to a home. The benefits greatly out-way the negatives as it's truly an investment. When getting slate roof work done, it is extremely important that you work with a skilled professional that knows what they are doing. Not as many contractors work with slate as compared to asphalt.

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