We always suggest hiring a contractor for all roofing needs from repairs and installations down to a roofing inspection. But, if you are knowledgeable and can provide a proper roof inspection then Capital Construction wants to make sure that you're doing it the right way. 

Anything to do with roofing is truthfully dangerous and there are precautions we want to make sure that you take. Here is a quick list to follow if you plan on inspecting your roof this spring:

Never roof alone: In the event that something happens, you want to make sure that another person is present. If you should need medical attention and are alone that certainly wont be good. 
Ladder Safety: So many people have ladder troubles and fall off because they aren't cautious. Make sure that your ladder is in good condition and place it on a solid, level surface. If you need to, dig a small hole and make a base for your ladder that way. 
Safety Harness: Just in case you are to fall, it is crucial that you're tied to something sturdy on your roof. A safety harness will prevent you from fall off the roof. 
Forecast Awareness: Make sure that you know the days forecast before jumping up on your roof. If there happens to be thunderstorms, rain, wind, or snow then you should delay your inspection. 
Proper footing & accessories: To help keep your balance on a roof make sure that you have proper footwear. As well, safety glasses and a hardhat will help keep you safe. 
Clear Work Area: Whether it be on the ground or on your roof, make sure that you clean up another that could pose as a tripping hazard.
Roofing Damage: If you do find roofing damage, then reach out to Capital Construction Contracting.